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LokixReader Request
Illusion - VNV Nation
_________ was thrown into the darkness of the room. She knew it was magic-proofed. 
"Let me out, you idiots!" she screamed pounding on the door. There was a cold tap on her skin. She turned to find herself eye to eye with something scary. The red eyes bore into her own with a sadness that couldn't be undone by any. 
"Oh," she said. "Who are you?" 
He shook his head and pointed to his mouth. 
"I could get that," she said. She quickly figured out the lock on the muzzle and undid it. Her fingers danced nimbly over the gears and metal. With a loud click, the censor fell to the floor. The blue blood dripping from the man's mouth was freezing, and it numbed her fingers as she wiped it away gently. 
"I thank you, mere mortal," the man replied, waving his shackles. "Would you do these too?" 
It was more of a demand than a request, but ________ shrugged and did it anyways. "I'm ________. What is your name?" 
"I'm Loki, of Asgard," he repl
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 44 12
Loki x Reader Part 3
She wasn't as sweet or innocent as Loki had previously thought; she had gotten them out of there with simple lies. 
They escaped with a helicopter and had landed in Connecticut. She got him into warmer clothes, that hid his face and she got them a car using her S.H.I.E.L.D. card. They filled up on gas, and she drove them out as fast as they could. She'd gotten a call. 
"We shall find you." 
"I know." 
"Run faster." 
"I will." 
Thor hesitated when he hung up that strange Midgardian device called a "phone". He wanted her to get out of there, but he had to fulfill his duty as well. He turned to the team. "They're running. We must hurry, or they'll reach New Mexico before we can say anything." 
Loki brushed his fingers over his aching lips. He noted that _________ was extremely tense. He arched an eyebrow. He brushed her arm. She jumped. 
"You know, we don't have to go all the way to New Mexico to get to Asgard." 
"You're telling me now?" she sa
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 101 26
LokixReader Part 2
She lifted his weak body onto his cot. She sat down against the wall, her arms covered in goosebumps. Loki patted the space beside him. _________ blinked in surprise, but didn't hesitate. 
"Are you cold?" she asked. He shook his head. 
Not that he wanted to tell her, but he'd begun to take a liking to her. It was strong, dangerously so. He pulled her beside him, holding her close. She was warm against his freezing limbs. He knew she would escape his clutches if he didn't say something.
She turned to him, her fingers dancing on his lips, fingering the puncture-like scars around his mouth. 
"Loki," she whispered.
"_-_______." His voice was gravelly from lack of use. It was the first word he'd uttered in nearly seven months.
Her eyes widened and she felt a lump rise in her throat. Loki noticed the tears glistening in her eyes, and pulled her closer. He tilted her head up slightly, his two fingers under her jaw. It was like their lips merged; it was so natural, yet so unexpe
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 95 44
LokixReader Part 1
"Please eat," __________ whispered. The man before her had been wasting away for weeks now. She pushed the bowl at him. He shook his head. 
"Why won't you eat?" The pleading in her eyes was beginning to nag Loki. He was wondering why that measly mortal even cared for him in the first place when he decided to appease her. He opened his lips ever so slightly. 
_________ slipped the cool metal spoon in his mouth. The hot soup burned his tongue, but it tasted very good. He closed his mouth and turned back to face the wall. 
She tapped his shoulder gently. It was soft. It was sweet. It was gentle. It was everything Loki needed, that touch. He turned to her, sadness bright in his green eyes. He nodded, and returned his gaze to the wall. 
The girl sat with him. "I know you don't want me here. I know you hate this planet, this world. I know you hate me, but I don't hate you. I'm staying with you tonight." 
Loki bit the inside of his cheek to refrain from saying somethi
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 184 52
Bruce Banner x Reader
Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright - Set the Fire to the Third Bar
"This time, I'm not coming back," Bruce murmured.
"Don't go," she whimpered. 
"I have to," Bruce yelled. She shied away, his abrupt change in tone frightening her. "Exactly! You're terrified of me." 
She watched as he shoved the door open and ran. He didn't even look back. 
He ran faster, knowing that he wouldn't make it out of the city without problems. He could at least try. But he failed. The green creeped up his arms. He was scared of himself, and he hated himself for everything. But there was no end to the pain; he'd already tried that. He didn't remember the change, he just knew that he wasn't himself anymore. No, not Bruce. 
He tore through the city, crushing a few cars in the process. At least everyone got out of his way. There was a field, rough dead grass ruffling in the wind. The giant plopped down, shaking the many trees surrounding him. The snow began to bite, the fla
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 93 15
Eagle by FeatheredDiva Eagle :iconfeathereddiva:FeatheredDiva 99 15
Bruce Banner Oneshot
_________ ran from her apartment, the news still blaring from her television, the sound of tanks in the distance.
"The Hulk Wreaks Havoc Upon Manhattan" 
She ran, her bare feet slamming against the grimy sidewalk. 
Run, run, run. That was all she thought. 
She got there and there he was, tearing things apart, tossing careless soldiers about. 
"Hey, sweetie," __________ said softly. She was still scared of the giant, but she trusted him. The Hulk whipped around to stare at her, his bright green eyes softening. "Looks like you got yourself into another mess, huh?" 
"Who the Hell is she?" a tall General asked. He turned to the tanks. "Fire." 
"Stop!" she yelled. 
"Who do you think you are?" the man asked, striding over to her, grabbing her by the collar. "Get out of here." 
The General was flung across the battlefield, otherwise known as what used to be Central Park. 
"_________," the green giant said, his troubled fa
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 264 67
Bruce Banner x Reader Part 2/2
"If you don't mind me asking, were you always mute?" Bruce asked, cringing when the words came out. 
_________'s delicate hand crumpled the paper she was writing on. Bruce knew he'd touched a nerve. 
"I'm sorry," he mumbled, staring at the floor apologetically. 
She nodded, taking up the wrench again. She made a little figure of Iron Man, then one of Thor, then of Clint, one of Natasha, and a little metal Steve. She even made Steve's shield. She painted the little circles, each one painstakingly perfect. Bruce watched, completely entranced by her deft, accurate strokes. 
She smiled at her handiwork and let a little breath whisper over the figure. A tiny man stood in her hand, staring at the ground. She beamed at the tiny figure, who gave her a salute in return. 
"He's just like Steve," Bruce sighed.
I made him for Agent Coulson. The whiteboard was complete covered in her little doodles and sketches, her foundations for the other little figurines. The wor
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 157 72
Bruce Banner x Reader Part 1/2
"Hey Bruce, look at this stray," Tony said, giving her a push in Bruce's direction. Said man glanced up at her. He waved hello. 
"It's nice to meet you," he said. She nodded, sticking out her hand. 
"Figured it out yet?" Tony asked excitedly. __________ let her head drop. 
"What?" Bruce asked quizzically. "She seems perfectly fine." 
"Ask her her name," Tony encouraged. __________ looked up at him, her eyes begging for him to stop.
"What's your name?" Bruce asked, his eyes gentle. 
__________ shook her head. She pointed to her mouth. Bruce's eyes widened. 
"Why would you do that to her?" he shouted. 
"Because I wanted to have a little fun, that's all. But she's really cool. Her name's ________. She's hot." Tony laughed. "She's ridiculously smart. Give her some stuff. Watch." 
Bruce handed her a small wrench and some other tools from his workbench. She smiled appreciatively and set to work. 
In no time she had made a little mouse, it's little
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 149 21
Captain America x Reader
There was a strong smell of burnt flesh, death. 
________ crawled from beneath the debris to find her entire family dead. 
She felt numb. She couldn’t believe what’d just happened was real. America had bombed them? Her sobs echoed across the silent, deserted landscape. Why did she have to live, just to see her family dead?
There was a flash of red white and blue, but then it slowed. 
“Miss?” a polite, American accent asked. “Are you alright?” 
She shook her head. “What do you want?” 
“I’m looking for survivors. I know I’m not supposed to, but not all of you are evil. I’m Steve Rodgers.” Something about this man seemed familiar. 
“From the Captain America comics?” ______ asked skeptically. 
He nodded. “I’m really sorry, miss. Come with me.” 
He held out his hand to her. She looked at it cautiously, but took it anyways.
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 90 98
Tony Stark x Reader
"Darling," Tony cooed, stroking her cheek. "You look mighty fine for a simple dinner."
"It's not simple, ever Tony," she said, her voice steely. Even though her heart melted when he called her "darling", she could never tell him. How unprofessional would that be?
"May I have this dance? Oh, wait, of course I can! I'm Tony Stark!" He twirled her away from the bar, her champagne dripping from her glass. 
He danced with her, as the paparazzi snapped away, surrounding them in white camera lights. His brown eyes were passionate and lustful, but he didn't make any moves on her yet. The gentle music in the background lowered until just the stand-up bass strummed, low woody notes vibrating in their chests. He kissed her slowly, and the noise of a million clicks. She accepted his affections passively, his warm alcoholic breath in her mouth. He pulled away. 
"This is about the time when you kiss me back, darling," he drawled, kissing her again. She returned the gesture, ever so careful
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 110 21
Batman x Reader Oneshot
"Bruce?" _________ called softly. She walked up the steps to their bedroom to find him sleeping face down shirtless. She smiled and shook her head. Between being the leader of Wayne Enterprises, the hero Gotham deserves, and a normal man, his life was exhausting. She put a tentative hand between his shoulderblades, her hand rising and falling with his light, even breaths. She lie down beside him, knowing what he'd been through. 
The fight had been brutal, and not ended favorably. She'd been there to bandage his knife wounds herself. The Joker was a damn cruel man, and his doting Harley Quinn was just as psychotic. They'd almost killed her Bruce; that knife had been dangerously close to his heart.  
The white bandages were still slightly pink around the wound, but they were stopping the bleeding for the most part. He opened his eyes and gave her a small rare smile. He pulled her close, his warm breath whispering across her face. He drifted back into the dark realm of slee
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 369 37
Severus Snape x Reader Part 2
Years had passed. They'd gotten married. They'd gotten jobs and lives and moved on from their frivolous school days. 
However, the Dark Arts was an unwise thing to become affiliated with. And now Severus Snape was trapped between the love of his life and himself. He decided it would be good enough to treat her the best he could before he had to decide. 
__________ was already in bed by the time he got home, her hand in the spot where he usually slept. He changed into his nightclothes and slid in beside her, bringing her close. 
"Why so affectionate, Sev?" she murmured sleepily, nuzzling deeper into his chest. 
"I just feel like it," he answered, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She smiled faintly. 
"I love you so much," she yawned, smacking her pretty pink lips in contentment.
"I love you too, more than you will ever know," he whispered, squeezing her tighter. She kissed him quickly before settling in to his arms again, and eventually falling
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 190 36
Severus Snape x Reader
He lay looking at the sky, his hand clasped with ____________'s. His first year at Hogwarts had been wonderful.
"Severus?" she asked, her big eyes shining up at him. He glanced down at her. 
"Yes?" he asked impatiently.
"Are you really my friend?" Her question was barely audible, but it was heard.
He opened his mouth to say something, but James Potter cut him off. "Well if Snivellus hasn't found a friend?" 
Sirius laughed. "He hasn't got a friend; she's being paid, I'm sure." 
Peter jeered from behind, while Remus chose to look at a fascinating, non-existant bird flying above. 
"I'm his friend," she protested. 
"Idiot Snivellus has charmed her hasn't he?" Sirius taunted. 
"I have not!" Severus shouted.
"Don't lie to yourself, Snivellus. Who would even dream of being your friend?" James sneered. 
"I would," ___________ snapped, taking Severus' hand again. "Come on Severus." 
"I don't need your help," he yelled, jerking his hand away. "Stop being s
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 342 48
Bruce Banner x Reader
He was so nervous that he could barely breathe. 
A date. 
My God a real one too. 
He knocked on the door and she opened it with a warm smile. 
"H-Hi," he stuttered. 
"Hello, Bruce," she said sweetly. She turned and locked her door and skipped out to the car. 
How was she so at ease? 
He opened the door for her and then set off to the movies. 
___________ was fascinated by the bright lights and the elaborate conversations the characters put forward. They were hardly realistic; that's why they were entertaining. 
She rested her arm on the armrest, her palm open to the ceiling. Bruce watched the movie flicker in her eyes, and smiled when she did and laughed when she did. 
He couldn't take it. He pressed her hand over hers. He froze when she didn't return it. Had he gone too far? Had he offended her?
She gently slipped her fingers between his and gave him a gentle squeeze, her hand giving his cold one warmth. He let out a breath he hadn't k
:iconaustriababy:austriababy 57 31
Edward Scissorhands x Reader - REQUEST
She was lovely, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect eyes. She was whole and finished and beautiful. 
He loved it. She was so pretty. And brave. 
"Well go in, if you believe that that monster lives here." A piercing voice reached his ears. Edward flinched.

"He's not a monster, and I do believe!" A lighter, feminine voice protested against the cruel one. 

"Fine, show me." 

"I will." 

She led her "date" up the stairs. "This is stupid," he snapped. 

"You're so impatient." Her voice was soft and soothing. For the first time ever, someone had made it past the front door. He hid under his decaying straw bed, hoping they wouldn't see. A small figure flickered across the room. There was a bigger darker figure, who shoved the little one. 

"I told you," he snarled. "You dragged me away from my party for a stupid reason." 

He pushed her again. S
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