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I miss the 50's by DJ-rainbine I miss the 50's :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 2 0 A cake full of sweets by DJ-rainbine A cake full of sweets :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Petals in water by DJ-rainbine Petals in water :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 1 The Venice canal in Vegas. by DJ-rainbine The Venice canal in Vegas. :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Delicate as a feather by DJ-rainbine Delicate as a feather :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Anyone want a cup of tea? by DJ-rainbine Anyone want a cup of tea? :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 SPACE!!! by DJ-rainbine SPACE!!! :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 1 0 This looks really peaceful... by DJ-rainbine This looks really peaceful... :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Beautiful lights! by DJ-rainbine Beautiful lights! :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Pokemon Go! by DJ-rainbine Pokemon Go! :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Five nights at freddys! by DJ-rainbine Five nights at freddys! :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Harley and the Joker by DJ-rainbine Harley and the Joker :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 2 0 Club 33 by DJ-rainbine Club 33 :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Pikachu! by DJ-rainbine Pikachu! :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 Nemo and Dory by DJ-rainbine Nemo and Dory :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0 The Open Road by DJ-rainbine The Open Road :icondj-rainbine:DJ-rainbine 0 0


Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter by PriSuicun Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter :iconprisuicun:PriSuicun 386 79 HunterxHunter ::06 by Cvy HunterxHunter ::06 :iconcvy:Cvy 464 72 HunterxHunter ::01 by Cvy HunterxHunter ::01 :iconcvy:Cvy 1,166 189
Hold (Marshall Lee x Reader)
You dropped your sponge into the sink of dirty dishes and blinked at the said boy. He had suddenly embraced you from behind, his hands lacing over your midsection.
"I love you." He whispered in your ear and you involuntarily shivered at how warm it felt. You turned off the faucet and turned to look at him.
"Yeah, I know." You smiled and you could hear him chuckling as he pulled you even closer to him. He was pressed firmly against you and you could feel his strong chest on your back. His breathing was steady and came out in small puffs that tickled your neck. God, he smelled like Axe and Old Spice and you just wanted to stay like this forever. It was a blissful silence until Marshall spoke once again.
"If you... If you ever need anything, anything at all, just know that I'm here."
His words were sweet and after talking, he nuzzled into the crook of your neck gently. You drew in a small intake of air at the feeling and bit your lip to keep from moaning. It wasn't helping tha
:iconmetricscenie:MetricScenie 164 10
Marshall Lee x Reader Movie Night Debates
It had been a couple of weeks  since you moved into Marshall Lee's house. Your own tiny apartment had just finished being repaired but you were perfectly content where you were. It was a Friday night and you and Marshall Lee were cuddled up on the couch trying to decide which movie to watch.
"Let's watch a horror movie!!" You practically bounced from Marshall Lee's lap with your excited suggestion. Marshall Lee just lifted an eyebrow with a small smirk.
"You do remember it's my turn to pick, right?" With that said Marshall Lee floated from his spot and landed next to you and the pile of movies on the floor. You looked up at him and pouted slightly. You sighed. "Fine, but make sure it's not something boring," you warned and retreated from his side to sit back on the couch. Marshall Lee just chuckled. "Have you ever known me to like boring (y/n)?"
You took a second to think before you slowly shook your head. "No...but you do love to do weird things just to annoy the crap out of me,"
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 139 14
Marshall Lee x Reader Room-mate
            The vampire king looked down at you and smirked. Your cheeks were growing red, your lip was pouted out and you turned your head in the direction of some boring boxes. Marshall Lee had you pinned to the ground of your new bedroom located in HIS house. You had this coming.
    The week before, Flame Prince chased after Ice Queen, leaving fire and destruction in his wake. Part of that destruction, just happened to be your apartment. Not having enough money to rent another apartment(your wallet was in the living room, which was now ash -_-), you pleaded with every friend you had. Fionna and Cake were obviously your first choice, but it turned out they were out on a mission and wouldnt be back for a few days. With a heavy heart, you wandered into Candy Kingdom, requesting to speak to Prince Gumball. But of course, he too was busy with reconstruction of the kingdom. You didnt even
:iconcrimsonfrostx:crimsonfrostx 266 87
Love Bites~ Marshall Lee X Reader - One Shot
You were hanging out with Fiona and cake again, playing on BMO watching them beat the boss level. You have been cheering them on for quit some time now, waiting to see the 'winner' sign when you felt a hand touch your shoulder. You jumped and turned only to see Marshall Lee (Your BIG crush :3) standing there, laughing. You start to blush and look away, back to the game. He floats behind you and greets Fiona and Cake.
"Hey Fiona, hey Cake," He says, watching them intently.
"Hey Marshall," Fiona replies, not taking her eyes off the screen. As you sit there, you finally here a 'boop' sound and see that the screen says 'WINNER'. You all cheer while Fiona does a little victory dance.
"Cake and I were planning on going on an adventure after this, want to come with, (y/n) and Marshall? It'll be fun!" She says with hope in her eyes.
"No thanks, I was planning on taking Miss cutie with me and having a jam session at my place." Marshall replies, grabbing your waist from behind making you blush.
:icondeadharmony1010:DeadHarmony1010 272 39
Marshall lee x reader -Mine-
“I’m home”  you walked into the weird shaped treehouse that you called ‘Home’,  putting down a tray covered by pink creampuffs specially made by prince gumball on the table full of other snacks. Sighing heavily as you hold in the stinging pain all over your body and sat on the couch, while Fionna ran down and rushed to you.
“______! Where were you!? It’s raining swords ou-“  the female hero stopped scolding you all the while cake was running here and there getting medicine, Fionna squats down to same the level of your eyes together as she took some disinfectant  from cake and starts to wipe some on your scraped skin.
“were you at the candy kingdom again?” she asked, you nodded without any response of words.
She sat on the couch to wipe some on your cheeks and neck, some under your worn out T-shirt and shorts as cake stick on a band aid for every scrapes. After Fionna finished the disinfectant, she looked at
:iconcrystallove13:crystallove13 109 17
Ciel Phanthomhive x Ghoul! reader 4
“Sebastian!” Ciel called him, Looking at the condition Sebastian’s eye filled with anger.
“Greil, I’ll be borrowing your Chainsaw” Sebastian Jumped as he took Greil’s Chainsaw,
“ahn, sure Sebby!!” Greil squealed as he lets go the chainsaw,
Sebastian Charged at you and..-
Sebastian charged at you with his beloved’s chainsaw, jumping down from the high window at an inhuman speed, you jumped oppositely away from the creaking sound of chainsaw hitting the ground. Taking out one of the flame covered part of your wings, then came out a perfect blue sword with a tip red as a burning fire.
The sound of feet filled the room, with your sword faced straight forward approaching Sebastian with its sharp end which he always avoided. Then he attacked you with Greil’s deadly chainsaw that you blocked quite easily for several times, except this time Sebastian seems to put more strength to it.
“_____-sama, if you keep blocking like
:iconcrystallove13:crystallove13 11 5
Ciel Phantomhive x Ghoul! reader 3
You dragged your dress to where the sound came, slamming open the giant door open. The second you dwell your eyes to the  well-lit room, your eyes widened in surprise. There, ciel, your beloved was cornered to the wall with a tail threatening his neck with a kagune who belonged to the young blonde.
“Elizabeth! What are you doing!?” you walked in slowly, she smirked
“what does it looks like? I’m gonna eat him, of course” she said as she licked his neck, you looked around, but no sign of the Sebastian around. Checking on your watch you saw the date and time,
‘Sunday, 7:59 PM’   You said to yourself, Remembering how Sebastian always has a date with Greil every Sunday, You sighed.
‘Oh sure, He’s one hell of a butler after all’  you looked at Ciel again, and gritting your teeth in anger when you notice how useless you were. You inhaled and exhaled, your eyes  burned in fury.
at that moment on 8 Pm, you have acce
:iconcrystallove13:crystallove13 12 10
Ciel Phantomhive x Ghoul! reader 2
You woked up from your bad dream about how you became a ghoul.  still thinking that it was a dream, you day dreamed until meyrin came in with your breakfast-in-bed tray completed with your breakfast on it too.
“_____-sama! Your breakfast is served” tripping a bit, acting her clumsy personality she giggled and placed the breakfast-in-bed in front of you.
“I told you meyrin, just call me _____” you sighed, taking the tea and drank it.
‘hmph! It tasted awful!!! I hate it’ gulping it anyways you sighed in relief just by gulping a mouthful of earl grey tea that ciel really likes,
“is there a problem _____?” worried meyrin asked you,
“no, there’s nothing wrong… you worry too much meyrin” you said meyrin as you slightly feel hungry again,
*dheg dheg* (
:iconcrystallove13:crystallove13 14 12
Ciel phanthomhive x ghoul! Reader
Today it's raining in London, there was a cute, hot, shota boy named ciel phanthomhive running in the rain with his trustful butler Sebastian. Despite the cold weather, he ran through the sideways while holding a picture of you, he asked people by people that came into contact with him
"Excuse me! Did you saw this girl?" He showed the picture to an old man while trying to catch his breath
"Hum.. Sorry I didn't see her, who is she anyway?" The old man rubbed his chin in confusion
"Her? She's my fiancée" he smiled, his gentle eyes shows how much he loves you
He ran again to ask other people and finally found you, in a dark place. Your neck was injured it looks like it was bitten,blood scattered all over the place
"________!" He came closer to you
"Go away!"
"Wh-" he noticed something and smirked
"Well well.. Look what we have here? Come out ghoul"
" dear, You can still feel my presence After I hide it 97 percent?" A blonde haired girl with mouth full of blood as she licked it off.
:iconcrystallove13:crystallove13 19 8
Strictly Because Chapter 2 (Sebastian x Reader)
                                                 Strictly Because Chapter 2
                                                    (Sebastian X Reader)
Today was was the start of interesting events. Noah's Ark has appeared within London. Sebastian and yourself have taken note of the horrors behind this circus, and your young masters will find out in due time. Today Lady Elizabeth decided to force her fiance into shopping. Said fiance would had obviously been much happier left at home, yet the way that boy looked at Lady Elizabeth made you believe your contract with the girl will go off without a hitch in your plan.  The soft music was herd down the street, noted first by Lady Elizabeth. She awed and the sound and dragged the group of
:iconperfectheart134:perfectheart134 113 14
Strictly Because (Sebastian X Reader)
                                                                                 Strictly Because
                                                                        (Sebastian x Demon!Reader)
                                                                                    Chapter 3
The following day brought forth clear skies and a letter from the Queen directed to Ciel. Inside the envelope held
:iconperfectheart134:perfectheart134 71 13
Strictly Because (Sebatian x Reader) Chapter One
                                                            Strictly because
                                                         (Sebastian X Reader)
                                                             ~Chapter 1~
                                                        Preparing the Actors
:iconperfectheart134:perfectheart134 150 16
Beaten (Sebastian X Reader) Part Five
                                                        Beaten (Sebastian X Reader)
                                                           Part Five: The Hound
You woke up still exhausted from the fight, your muscle complaining painfully with every long, slow movement. You sat up and stared at the stand. The Young Master should be home about noon today… You groaned out load at the mess you had to fix in the Young Masters office, but nothing could be done except clean. Reluctantly, you dragged yourself out of bed and got ready for the day. You went into the lonely kitchen, usual filled with yells, messes, and explosions, but currently void of life. You make a quick breakfast and hurry on you
:iconperfectheart134:perfectheart134 53 4


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